Do you dream of silky smooth hairless skin?
Then you are in good hands at hairlesszone!
The professional Alma-SHR technology and the Hyper Pulse achieves the best results with a gentle treatment.
More life quality as well as spontaneity in sports and leisure time.
The scope of this offer includes cryolipolysis and cosmetic teeth whitening.

Permanent hair removal


Cosmetic Teeth Whitening


The Advantages of Permanent Hair Removal

  • Time saving

    Shaving or waxing appointments at the beautician is no longer necessary
  • A fresher feeling

    Hair, even freshly shaved carries bacteria: without armpit hair or at the intimate area there is less “odor”
  • Self-confidence

    Hair in a woman’s face or hair on a man’s back can be embarrassing and cause inhibitions
  • Smoother skin

    No more irritations, pimples or waxy hair
  • Spontaneity

    When the sun shines it’s easy to put on short pants or a skirt. There is nothing to prevent you from sunbathing or the sauna
  • An Anti-aging effect

    Through smooth gliding over the skin with light and heat, the collagen production of the skin is simulated. The appearance of the skin improves
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